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Energy Modelling Assistance Program

The Energy Modelling Assistance Program assists developers of eligible new multi-unit residential building projects to design and evaluate natural gas space heating and/or domestic hot water system options.

The incentive covers up to $5,000 of the incremental cost to include a natural gas space heating and/or domestic hot water system in the building energy model.

The project must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for the Eastward Energy Energy Modelling Incentive:

  • Projected to consume between 1,000 and 4,999 GJ’s of energy for space heating and domestic hot water annually (as estimated by Eastward Energy).
  • Classified as a new multi-unit residential building. (Apartment, Condo, Senior Living Facility, Hotel).
  • Project is in the design phase.
  • Natural gas service must be available to the project or be economically feasible to provide service, as determined by Eastward Energy.

To be approved for the Energy Modelling Incentive, developers of eligible projects must agree to:

  • Complete an energy model that evaluates at least 1 natural gas system for primary space heating and/or domestic hot water.
  • Provide Eastward Energy with all relevant energy modelling results and comparison materials, including previous models and cost estimates, upon request. 
  • Provide Eastward Energy with completed Energy Modeling Assistance Application Form (PDF).
  • Complete the energy model using an energy modeler approved by Eastward Energy with one of the following:
    • IES
    • HEP
    • EnergyPlus

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