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Cost Savings for Residential Customers

Heritage Gas is pleased to report that the cost of gas for Rate Class 1 customers has decreased by 13%. The Gas Cost Recovery Rate (GCRR) for rate class 1 is set biannually on February 1st and August 1st. This pricing method provides stability in gas prices for residential and small commercial customers (those who use less than 500/GJs each year).

The GCRR from February to July 2019 was $10.95/GJ and has dropped to $9.50/GJ for August 2019 – January 2020. The GCRR for the fall period last year (August 2018 – January 2019) was $10.35. Customers will enjoy rates that are 8% lower than the same period last year.  

The new natural gas price for the next 6 months is equivalent to $0.74/L for fuel oil, $0.49/L for propane and $0.069/KWh for electricity. If you are paying more for your home heating, now is a great time to explore natural gas solutions for your home.

For more information, visit the rates for home and rates for business pages of our website.

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