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Inclusion and Diversity

Our Journey to Inclusivity and Diversity in the Workplace

TriSummit Utilities and its affiliated entities, including Eastward Energy, have embarked on a transformative journey to foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity within our workplace.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is embodied in our Purpose Statement:


“We strive to cultivate a workplace in which everyone feels welcomed and encouraged to bring their whole selves to work. Everyone wants to work where they feel a sense of belonging, where they are valued for their differences, and are encouraged to participate and contribute openly. We recognize the importance of both inclusion and diversity, and we are committed to advancing our culture to ensure diversity of thought.”

To realize this vision, we have established four strategic pillars that shape the future of inclusion and diversity within our organization. These pillars are the foundation of our inclusion and diversity efforts:


Our learning has included topics like:


Unconscious bias awareness

Inclusion and Diversity

The fundamental principles of inclusion and diversity in professional settings


Dynamics of gender within the workplace

Our Inclusion and Diversity Learning Journey

Eastward Energy has undertaken a journey of transformative learning, underlining our strong commitment to a deeper understanding of inclusion and diversity within our workplace.

While acquiring knowledge on inclusion and diversity is crucial, genuine progress occurs when this knowledge translates into practical actions. At Eastward Energy, we have developed a calendar reflecting our local Nova Scotia community and integrating national and international diversity days. Our commitment goes beyond acknowledgment; we actively educate our workforce to make a meaningful impact, shaping a workplace that embodies inclusion and diversity principles. This ensures all employees feel valued, respected, and celebrated. We are part of the TriSummit Utilities (TSU) group of companies and are proud to be part of the TSU Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Group. The members of this group actively promote awareness and act as champions for diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.

Engaging with Indigenous Communities

At Eastward Energy, we prioritize our engagement with First Nations communities, listening to their voices, and learning from their wisdom. Through active dialogue and collaboration, we have developed relationships based on mutual trust and respect, and a shared vision for a more inclusive and equitable future. We have worked closely with Mi’kmaq Elders and community leaders to ensure our initiatives are culturally sensitive, aligned with community priorities, and contribute to the overall well-being of Indigenous peoples.

Eastward Energy employees sporting their Mi'kma'ki Strong collaborative shirts in support of National Indigenous People's Day.

In preparation for the 2023 National Indigenous Games, Eastward Energy supported the community of Sipekne'katik by helping restore their baseball field.

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