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Installing Natural Gas

Installing Natural Gas

While we install the natural gas service line to your property, you will require a qualified natural gas contractor to convert your property to natural gas. Installing natural gas can take some time, as there are several steps to ensure a safe installation.

  • Step 1. Customer Contacts Eastward Energy

    Touch base with a Eastward Energy Account Manager to discuss natural gas service, get up-to-date installation timelines and receive answers to any of your questions.

  • Step 2. Eastward Energy Determines Routing & Meter Location

    A Eastward Energy representative will visit your property to determine the approximate routing for the natural gas service line and natural gas meter. Your Account Manager will send you paperwork within a few days following the site visit. The paperwork will include service routing, meter location, applicable costs (if any) on the Customer Authorization Form (CAF) and the Distribution Service Agreement (DSA).

  • Step 3. Customer Gets Contractor Quotes

    A preferred Natural Gas Contractor performs all of the work that needs to be completed inside your building, including connecting the equipment to your gas meter. Your Account Manager can recommend options that meet your needs, but the final choice is yours. Please notify your Account Manager of the Gas Contractor you choose, so Eastward Energy can communicate with them during installation.

  • Step 4. Customer Submits Signed Paperwork to Eastward Energy

    Before any work can begin, Eastward Energy requires a signed copy of the Customer Authorization Form (CAF) and the Distribution Service Agreement (DSA). The DSA is your contract to agree to pay for the natural gas you use, as outlined in the Distribution Service Rules (link). By signing the form, you are committing to use natural gas within 12 months from the date the service line is installed.

  • Step 5. Eastward Energy Gets Permits

    Eastward Energy will apply and pay for any related streets and services permits required to install your service line from the gas main to the outside of your property. We are unable to schedule the installation until the permit is received. Permits are typically returned within one week; however, delays may occur for more complex applications. When the permit is received, a construction package will be sent to our construction team to install your service line.

  • Step 6. Eastward Energy Installs a Service Line

    Your service line will be installed safely and efficiently.


    Our construction team will send a request to all utilities in your area that may have underground infrastructure in the path of your proposed service line and ask to indicate where it is specifically located. This procedure minimizes the risk of other utility infrastructure being damaged during your service line excavation and installation. You may notice markings on your property or in the sidewalk/street. This is a standard procedure carried out by all utilities. This process can take several weeks to receive responses from other utilities.


    Once all locates are received, your service line will be scheduled and you will receive an email notification. Your property will be reviewed prior to installation. We will provide you with 48-hours notice that we are coming to install your service line. The path of your service line from the street to your home must be clear of obstructions or the installation may need to be rescheduled. If your driveway access is impacted, you will be notified in advance so you can make alternate parking arrangements. Delays may occur due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.


    On the day of your service line installation, there will be a construction team and machinery on your property. Every effort will be made to cause minimal disruption and use the best options for your installation. The duration of installation will be determined by digging conditions and the length of your service line, but is typically completed within one day for residential installations. You do not need to be home for the installation. Your property will be restored to original condition within 3 weeks. You can expect to see multiple crews visit your site during this time as different equipment and personnel are required for the various types of restoration (concrete, asphalt, landscaping).

  • Step 7. Natural Gas Contractor Installs your Equipment & Eastward Energy Activates Your Gas Meter

    Once your service line is installed, schedule your natural gas contractor to install your equipment & request your meter. Your contractor will contact Eastward Energy to book an activation appointment. A Eastward Energy technician will meet your contractor on-site to turn on the natural gas.

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