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Construction Heating

Building any new structure takes time, and the construction season in Nova Scotia is short. Many builders and developers are opting to use natural gas for heat during construction. Not only is natural gas convenient, reliable and efficient, it also offers other great benefits to your construction project.


  • Natural gas heat is drier than propane, making it a better choice for ground thawing, masonry work, curing concrete as well as interior applications like wood and drywall. When it comes to a tight construction schedule, natural gas heat can save you valuable time and help you meet important deadlines.
  • With natural gas, you have access to a continuous flow of fuel without any interruption – even when you can’t be at the job site after-hours or on weekends.
  • No need to worry about scheduling, storing, refilling or returning used tanks back to the propane company.
  • Natural gas offers very low risk of injury compared to the risk of transporting  fuel tanks and the risk of leaks and spills.
  • Natural gas is a very safe choice for your project. It allows you to minimize the risk of having delivery trucks and heavy propane tanks on your construction site.
  • Natural gas is a lower emitting fuel and provides improved air quality for your employees, as well as a quieter working environment.

If you are interested in using natural gas for construction heat on your project, contact Eastward Energy in the Fall and get in touch with your preferred natural gas contractor so they can arrange for permits, installation and natural gas activation. Eastward Energy will install your natural gas service line and riser at a temporary or permanent location at the construction site.

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