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Compressed Natural Gas

Eastward Energy delivers natural gas to large energy users that are currently outside of our pipeline distribution network by transporting compressed natural gas (CNG). It is a great solution for organizations that have high energy use and wish to reduce their energy costs, remain competitive and make a greener choice.

CNG is made by compressing natural gas to a pressure of 200-248 bar (2,900-3,600 psi) in cylindrical pressure tubes. When the CNG reaches its destination, it is depressurized to pipeline operating pressures so that it can be consumed for manufacturing or space and water heat. Each trailer of 14 tubes contains approximately 315 Gigajoules of energy.

Eastward Energy operates a compressed natural gas facility in Enfield and is a leader in CNG distribution.

If you believe your organization can benefit from CNG, please call (877) 836-7427.

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