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Eastward Energy is proud to work with a community of professional partners across Nova Scotia. Here is how we work with a variety of partners to bring the best natural gas solutions to commercial and residential customers.

Natural Gas Contractors

Eastward Energy distributes natural gas to a property. Our Preferred Natural Gas Contractors install the equipment. We work closely with contractors to provide our customers with excellent service, a safe energy solution and an understanding of the benefits of natural gas.


Local builders and developers are committed to the growth of our region and are leaders in green building and efficiency. We work closely with builders to help them benefit from natural gas in their buildings and communities.


Realtors working with clients who are considering buying or building a home that can benefit from natural gas, often receive a variety of questions about natural gas benefits and equipment options. We conduct regular realtor education sessions and provide materials to prepare them for natural gas conversations around safety, benefits and climate impact. If you are a realtor looking to gain a deeper understanding of natural gas, get in touch with a Eastward Energy representative today.


Eastward Energy offers free training to learn more about natural gas and industry best practices. Many companies throughout Nova Scotia have already taken advantage of this training which provides information on:

  • Introduction to Natural Gas
  • Natural gas pipelines and facilities
  • Click Before You Dig process using our service provider Info Excavation
  • Emergency Situations

Session duration: 1 hour

April is Safe Digging Month, so what better time of year to start planning for the upcoming construction season than by scheduling a Natural Gas Awareness session? Please email us to book your training for new employees or a refresher class for experienced employees.


If you would like more information on any of the items above, please contact Customer Care at 1-877-836-7427.

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