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The Energy Ahead Of Us

At Eastward Energy, we’ve set our sights on the future of energy. Solutions that will support Nova Scotia’s transition to net-zero emissions and lead to an energy future that’s cleaner, more sustainable and more efficient.

*Statements regarding Eastward Energy’s environmental performance are accurate as of the time of issuance and are based on adequate and proper methodologies at such time. Eastward Energy’s is committed to regularly reviewing the environmental standards it uses to substantiate environmental claims.

Net Zero

As Nova Scotia moves toward net-zero emissions, the energy our customers use will change. There is no single answer to meeting our energy needs. It will take diverse solutions. We must transform how energy in Nova Scotia is produced, stored, distributed and used. Achieving net-zero emissions means transforming the gas that flows through our underground pipes. While natural gas will continue to play an important role in Nova Scotia's energy mix for years to come, we'll also need cleaner types of energy, including renewable natural gas and low-carbon hydrogen.


Nova Scotia’s future net-zero energy system must be fueled by lower-carbon energy. Hydrogen will play an important role to decarbonize sectors that will be difficult to electrify such as heavy transportation, industrial facilities that require high-temperature processing heat, and some large commercial, residential and institutional buildings.

Natural Gas Heat Pumps

We’re committed to developing new technologies that use energy more efficiently, lower GHG emissions and reduce heating costs. Natural gas heat pumps, like electric heat pumps, transfer heat from the air outside to inside a building for space heating or hot water.

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