Understanding Your Invoice

Sections On Your Invoice Explained

  • Account No

    Your unique number to reference when you call our Customer Care Team or make online bank payments.

  • Service Address

    The address where natural gas service is being provided. It may or may not be the same as the Mailing Address.

  • Premise

    A unique number assigned to the service address.

  • Rate Category

    The rate classification that applies to your service address. All rates are ap-proved by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

  • Invoice Period

    The date range period for the current invoice. Also known as, the consumption period.

  • Previous Invoice

    The amount of your previous invoice.

  • Previous Payments

    The payment (s) you have made since your last invoice.

  • Balance Forward

    Any unpaid amounts from the previous invoice.

  • Total Current Charges

    Total amount due for the current billing period.

  • Amount Due

    Total amount for current billing period and any previous unpaid amounts.

  • Federal Carbon Tax

    The Federal Government’s Carbon Tax intended to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels to lessen emissions of green house gases. This carbon tax is applied to all green house gas emitting fuels.

  • Transportation Cost Recovery

    A charge calculated on a per unit rate (in GJs) to recover the costs of transporting natural gas to our customers through pipelines owned by other companies

  • Provincial Rebate

    For eligible properties the Province of Nova Scotia administers the Your Energy Rebate program to provide an on bill rebate of 10% of the Subtotal amount of your invoice.

  • Municipal Payment

    Payment made to a municipality that allows Eastward Energy to install gas distribution facilities in the Right of Way. Eastward Energy collects and remits this payment to your local municipality. The calculation is only applied to the FMCC & BEC.

  • Special Meter Reading

    The cost of issuing a technician to obtain a meter read or other misc. site work required.

  • Security Deposit

    A refundable amount paid by the customer in lieu of good payment history or if no payment history exists.

  • Usage (M3)

    Measure gas units in metres cubed.

  • Correction Factor (Pressure x Energy)

    Used to convert gas measured in M3 to GJ (gigajoules).

  • Usage: “A”

    indicates an actual meter read. “E” - indicates your usage for this period was estimated.

  • Fixed Monthly Customer Charge

    A fixed charge that covers the cost of your service line, natural gas meter, customer account administration and 24-hour emergency service. The amount is charged regardless of the energy consumed.

  • Base Energy Charge

    This fee is the cost to distribute natural gas through the Eastward Energy pipeline system to your property. General Service Class customers are billed on a declining block rate. There are three tiers based on the amount of GJs used in a consumption period. First 15 GJs, Next 400 GJs, Additional GJs.

  • Gas Cost Recovery Rate

    The cost of the natural gas you use each month. This cost is reviewed regularly and is adjusted to reflect current market prices for natural gas. The price for natural gas depends on weather and market conditions.

If you have further questions about your invoice, please contact Customer Care at 1-877-836-7427.

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