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Lorn Sheehan enjoys peace of mind with natural gas

Lorn Sheehan moved from Alberta to Halifax, Nova Scotia and immediately recognized his home utilized a very old oil furnace lacking any efficiency. Coming from Alberta, Lorn was accustomed to using natural gas, which is a very common energy source out west. With natural gas available in his neighbourhood, the choice was clear.

For Lorn, the main benefits of natural gas are not having the risks of an oil tank and the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about running out of oil.

However, before the conversion to natural gas could take place, Lorn poured a brand new patio and sidewalk around his whole house. He was concerned that all the hard work and cost would be lost with digging of pipes. Lorn was thrilled to learn that Eastward Energy could complete the conversion by going under the sidewalk with virtually no disruption to his existing landscape.

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