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Comparing Oil to Natural Gas

The whole story behind the cost and savings of switching.

No one likes to replace their furnace or boiler, but there comes a time, when the system is so old, we don’t have a choice. The upfront cost to replace the equipment can seem daunting and sometimes it’s easiest to “stick with what you know”. For many Nova Scotians, that means sticking with oil. 

While the upfront cost to replace an oil furnace or boiler is lower than a natural gas or propane heating system, that equipment price tag alone does not tell the whole story. If you look at the comparison below, you’ll find that the total lifetime cost of an oil system is actually over $7,600 more than the natural gas system. That’s almost $400 in savings each year by switching to natural gas. 

Cost is not the only place you can save by switching to natural gas. Customers enjoy even, comfortable heat, and never complain about a dusty or smelly house. Natural gas customers don’t have to worry about filling up a tank, only pay for the fuel they use and typically have a lower rate on their home insurance by removing the risk of an oil tank from their property. To top it all off, switching from oil to gas is a great choice for the environment. 

Natural gas is easy to live with and switching is easy too. Fill out the quick and easy Home Heating Assessment, and we’ll provide advice and insights to help you make the best future heating decisions for your home.

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