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Natural gas helps grow companies that grow communities

Across the province, natural gas is supplying businesses with energy that allows them to remain competitive in their industries and stay rooted in Nova Scotia. Their success helps sustain rural Nova Scotian economies, stimulate our province’s innovation and create jobs on the East Coast.

A brick maker’s edge in Lantz

The affordability of natural gas allows Shaw Brick to manufacture bricks economically in rural Nova Scotia. A major employer in the community of Lantz, many who work there can trace their roots back to the company over three generations. Having natural gas is a competitive edge that will help them keep the art of making high-quality clay brick going strong for generations to come.

Helping a Halifax brewery reduce its carbon footprint by 35%

Oland Brewery

As a lower carbon energy source, natural gas fits well with Oland Brewery’s environmental leadership commitment to a Better World. Replacing fuel oil with natural gas has led to a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Not only has natural gas helped Oland Brewery achieve its sustainability objectives, it has also improved the community. The elimination of fuel deliveries meansfewer heavy trucks in the neighbourhood.

Putting the town of Amherst on the industry map

Natural gas has made a big impact in the town of Amherst. Having access to cleaner and more affordable energy helped attract businesses such as Weston Foods and Maritime Pride Eggs. Converting municipal buildings saved the town a substantial amount of money, allowing it to invest in services and facilities. An early adopter, natural gas began flowing into Amherst homes and businesses in 2005. It has proven to be a smart move.

Amherst Stadium
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