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Rising Energy Prices

The price of all energy types – furnace oil, propane, natural gas, gasoline, and coal – has been increasing over the past few months globally, nationally, and locally. Energy forecasters are expecting continued high prices for most types of energy during the upcoming heating season and Nova Scotians can expect to see higher energy prices […]

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Natural Gas Solutions for Power Outages

Natural gas has an important role in providing reliable energy in Nova Scotia. However, the benefits go beyond this list when a storm rolls in and the power goes out. Natural gas can help you stay comfortable and provide peace of mind during a power outage. How natural gas can help when the power goes […]

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Evolving to Eastward Energy

Our world is changing, energy is changing, and we’re changing. From Heritage Gas to Eastward Energy, our sights are set on the future of energy in Nova Scotia. Our new name highlights our commitment to creating energy solutions that will support our province in achieving its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

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Natural Gas Pricing and Supply Trends

Heritage Gas anticipated the decommissioning of natural gas supply from offshore Nova Scotia and entered into transportation contracts to ensure customers continue to have access to reliable natural gas supply from lower volatility/stable priced North American supply basins.

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