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Meet Homeowners Who Switched

There’s so much to love about heating your home with natural gas, from peace of mind, to convenience to more consistent and reliable heat. Learn what our customers are saying now that they’ve switched to natural gas. 

A heritage home made cozier

When Peter Kerrin purchased a heritage home in Halifax, he discovered heating with oil was inefficient and risky, and jumped at the opportunity to convert to natural gas. After many years on natural gas, Peter says one of the biggest benefits of switching was more consistent and reliable heat. Unlike oil, natural gas heats his home without the swings between hot and cold temperatures, so he can stay comfortable and cozy without adjusting the thermostat.

Connecting to convenience

Lorn Sheehan moved from Alberta to Halifax and realized his home utilized a very old furnace that boasted low efficiency. When it became available in his neighbourhood, the choice was clear. Lorn says the biggest benefit is that he no longer carries the risk of an oil tank, and enjoys the peace of mind that comes with never having to worry about running out of oil.

Switching made easy

Delores Forrest owns a rental property in Fairview and was always worried that switching her property from oil to natural gas was an arduous process. Then she experienced the unthinkable – an oil leak that would cost a crippling $350,000 to clean up. When Delores found out Eastward Energy was available in her neighbourhood, she was ecstatic to switch. Now Delores is enjoying an improved cooking experience with natural gas, as well as cost savings on her home insurance!

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