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Natural Gas Solutions for Power Outages

Natural gas has an important role in providing reliable energy in Nova Scotia. However, the benefits go beyond this list when a storm rolls in and the power goes out. Natural gas can help you stay comfortable and provide peace of mind during a power outage.

How natural gas can help when the power goes out

A natural gas range can be manually lit in the event of a power outage; however, it should not be used for space heating. A gas contractor is the best resource for advising on how to safely light a range manually.

Most new natural gas fireplaces will continue to work without power, either with a remote or a battery-operated start. The fan will not blow, but this cozy warmth will certainly make a difference, especially in the middle of winter.

Natural gas barbeques are great when the power goes out. The endless, reliable supply of natural gas means homeowners do not need to fill up a tank when propane runs out. It is never safe to operate a BBQ inside or even in a garage with the door open.

An automatic standby natural gas generator is a very convenient way to restore power in the event of an electricity outage.

Benefits of a Natural Gas Generator:

  • Keep selected electric appliances running when the power is out
  • Require simple and minimal maintenance
  • Directly wired to the electrical service panel
  • Automatically turns on when power goes off
  • Endless fuel supply and no fuel storage on-site
  • Cleaner fuel source, resulting in better air quality

Stand-By Generator Tips:

  • Consider the household needs.
    • Generators come in many different sizes for homes. The larger the generator, the more appliances that can be powered in a home. For many homeowners, top priorities are the fridge/freezer, furnace/boiler, basic lighting, and a plug to keep devices charged. Homeowners with a sump-pump will also want to prioritize this as well.
  • One size does not fit all.
    • Depending on a homeowner’s needs they’ll require a different size generator. Most homes install a 7.5KW – 22KW generator. An electrical contractor will be able to advise on the best size generator for a home, however, there are online tools to start researching your electrical load needs, such as this generator selection tool. 
  • Automatic generators vary in price.
    • Every home is different and so is every installation. That said, a 9KW generator typically costs between $6,000-$12,000 to purchase and install.
  • Location is important.
    • Automatic standby generators are located outside of a home, with clearances from windows, and positioned in proximity to the natural gas lines. The location also needs to be easily accessible for snow removal and scheduled maintenance.
  • Use trusted and credible contractors.
    • To install a natural gas generator, homeowners will require both an electrical contractor and a natural gas contractor. Oftentimes, the electrical contractor will subcontract the gas work to someone they typically work with to keep it easier for the homeowner. Visit the preferred gas contractors’ webpage for a list of trusted contractors in Nova Scotia.


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