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Our Recommendations to Government

The Nova Scotia Department of Environment recently welcomed comments regarding the proposed Sustainable Prosperity Act.  Eastward Energy appreciated the opportunity to provide comment on this important issue. Attached is a copy of our full consultation. 

Eastward Energy fully supports the creation of new legislation and regulations to advance further toward the achievement of the Province’s long-term sustainability and prosperity goals. As a province burdened with some of the highest energy costs in Canada, we propose the inclusion of “energy affordability” as an important goal to help build a strong, growing and prosperous economy in Nova Scotia.

There is no single type of energy that will enable Nova Scotia to achieve all of its GHG emission reduction goals. We propose the following four recommendations in the new Sustainable Prosperity Act, to meet Nova Scotia’s diverse energy needs in a low carbon future.

Improve Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Improve the energy efficiency, energy affordability, and energy security of larger commercial buildings, institutions, and industries by supporting and enabling the installation of combined heat & power generation.

Transition to Cleaner Electricity

Support the conversion of coal‐fired electricity generation to natural gas. 

Support Renewable Energy Opportunities

Help reduce the carbon intensity of fuels by supporting the development and adoption of other forms of renewable energy, including biofuels, renewable natural gas and power-to-gas as a bigger part of Nova Scotia’s overall energy mix.

Cleaner Energy for Buildings, Industries, and Heavy Transportation

Adopt and implement a framework to support cleaner sources of energy by helping Nova Scotia homeowners, business, industries, and heavy trucking fleets to transition from oil to lower-emitting natural gas.

Eastward Energy is supportive of the proposed legislation and would be pleased to work with government as Nova Scotia continues to establish long-term goals with the Sustainable Prosperity Act.

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