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Natural gas helps keep heritage home cozy

Peter Kerrin purchased a heritage home in downtown Halifax several years ago. The home was heated by a standard oil furnace configuration. When Peter noticed Eastward Energy representatives on his street, he jumped at the opportunity to convert to a better alternative – natural gas. The oil tank for Peter’s home was in an exposed position in the driveway where foot traffic would pass by regularly – the tank wasn’t secure from tampering and was at risk of leakage.

Another concern for Peter was his understanding that many oil delivery services mix heating oil with biofuels. This mix can cause premature oil tank corrosion, which, in the long run, can cause early tank failure.

Almost eight years ago, Peter made the switch to natural gas with Eastward Energy. Peter speaks highly of all the service he has received, but is quick to note the focus on safety that Eastward Energy maintains at all times. For example, when Peter considered adding a carport to his home, Eastward Energy dispatched a representative to ensure everything was safely marked and flagged to prevent issues.

Peter also points out one of the biggest benefits to the switch – consistent and reliable heating for his home. Unlike the large oil burner that was inefficient, natural gas makes it easy to maintain a comfortably heated home. With natural gas, Peter has instant hot water and he only heats what he needs. More importantly, gone are the wild swings between hot and cold temperatures in his home – as Peter points out, when you set your home to twenty degrees, it stays twenty degrees!

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