Year: 2019

Our Recommendations to Government

The Nova Scotia Department of Environment recently welcomed comments regarding the proposed Sustainable Prosperity Act.  Eastward Energy appreciated the opportunity to provide comment on this important issue. Attached is a copy of our full consultation.  Eastward Energy fully supports the creation of new legislation and regulations to advance further toward the achievement of the Province’s […]

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Cost Savings for Residential Customers

Heritage Gas is pleased to report that the cost of gas for Rate Class 1 customers has decreased by 13%. The Gas Cost Recovery Rate (GCRR) for rate class 1 is set biannually on February 1st and August 1st.

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What is a GJ?

The energy content in natural gas is typically measured in Gigajoules (GJ), a metric energy measure. All types of energy can be measured by either energy content or by volume. Energy content is the most accurate because it measures how much heat energy is provided by a given volume of energy.

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